Target & Commitment

In service of martial arts with passion

Next to modern business concepts in the area of martial arts and the martial sports the proven principles and values of the martial arts still stand in the foreground. "The trend develops on and on into the direction of universal, flexible services, but exactly in such a deep and multi-layered area like the martial arts and the martial sports mass should never go at the expenses of quality".

In the course of the years the organization has therefore specialized on the supervision of schools, associations and clubs, but also of single members from the standard styles, for example among others: Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo Jiu-Jitsu and many others, to be able to supervise each of these disciplines optimally and reliably. A well-balanced relation of style loyalty and development is in this time as important as it was in the times of the great martial arts traditions. 

Member satisfaction is paramount

It is therefore an important concern of the organization to also include the modern styles and systems into the future support. Also beginning founders and leaders from schools, clubs or associations profit not only from the varied professional and practical knowledge of the organization style advisers and officials, but also from the extensive choice in services for their school, club and students.

Exactly in the martial arts and in the martial arts where you always will have to be able count on as well as trust your partner, virtues like "reliability, openness, helpfulness and fairness in the sport still mean a lot. With us this is equally valid for all members in this organization, no matter whether director, official, master or student. Therefore since the beginning the number of member's entries has nearly doubled every year through associations and schools from the traditional styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo etc. and from other famous and well-known professional associations.

Our leaving rate of members lies with 0.1% which speaks for itself in regard to "member's satisfaction". This positive trend is explained also by our absolutely fair, flawless and serious approach, as well as by the unusual support of every member. The success of our internationally respected martial arts association is based on a strong and reliable community of like-minded martial artists and martial sportspersons of human extra class. That is why it is also no wonder that our organization and its members have been and remain so "unique".