Federal Dan examination in “traditional taekwondo”

Federal Masters examination 2017

On January 28, 2017 A.D.D.I. M.A.O. organised the first federal Dan examination in “traditional Taekwondo” at Taekwondo Bodo Dojo in Nuremberg.

Long-term taekwondo artists from various associations and clubs passed their master’s examination under surveillance of high-ranking examiners. Grand master Jae-Hee Chang (8th Dan, Chairman of the examination committee and APAC association president), Jürgen Bogendörfer (6th Dan, Head coach TaeBuDo), Michael Kürbis (A.D.D.I .CEO) and Herbert Kaselow (6th Dan and federal head auditor of the association in traditional taekwondo) had the task of rating the athletes’ performances. The following disciplines were examined: “Hyong” (fight against imaginary opponents), one-step fight, self-defence, free fight and breaking test. In the field of graduations for the 5th Dan, teaching requirements (taekwondo from a teacher’s perspective) were additionally evaluated.

The examinees showed master class traditional taekwondo, body control was highest priority! In the field of partner exercises, maximum self-control and situation control were presented by the athletes. A further version was free fight as a partner exercise. This required effectivity and efficiency – especially with regards to the aggravated situation of having to perform the techniques while free fighting against two opponents. Towards the end of the examination, the application-oriented breaking test was presented by the athletes. Similar to fighting without opponent, the intellectual and mental dealing with oneself is of utmost importance.

The following athletes of the association passed the examinations:
• Christian Zier for the 1st Dan
• Dr. Stephan Specht for the 2nd Dan
• Mario Brütting for the 3rd Dan
• Uwe Meisel for the 5th Dan
• Rüdiger Heck for the 5th Dan

The examination committee headed by grand master Chang was very satisfied with the athletes‘ excellent performances , congratulated all Budokas and handed over the certificates with personal and inspiring words.

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