Dear prospective member,

We are happy that you decided with your club or school for an entry into our international martial arts umbrella organization.

In this form you have now the possibility to announce officially and to register your club or school in the A.D.D.I. MARTIAL ARTS ORGANIZATION.  These from you to us transmitted data are automatically processed by our administrative system and are the basis for the issuing of the membership documents and licenses. In the following form please complete all necessary data of your club/school. Please fill out carefully and completely all necessary fields, so that a smooth and fast processing of your application is guaranteed.

Please note

That with a first registration for clubs and schools a member size of minimum 15 students per club or school exists and is to register in the organization as well. This is while we take not like many other associations do so admission or other fess from you. Furthermore this Type of membership is only available for schools or clubs in the EU.

Our data safety guarantee

Data protection is taken seriously with us! We obligate ourselves to always treat all and informed data confidentially and to only use them to the extent necessary for the processing of the applications, as well as not to transmit these to third parties. Further information with regard to our data protection explanation you will find in our legal notice in the contact area.

Application form

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Herewith I / we apply in the name and on behalf of my/our school or club a style-related and teaching-related association-examiner's licence for the certification of examinations in the name and on behalf of my/our school or club and the A.D.D.I. Martial Arts organisation.

1. Master degree / Group D
2. Master degree / Group C
3. Master degree / Group B
4. Master degree / Group B
5. Master degree / Group A

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Herewith I apply in the name of my school or club a martial arts style- and teaching-related association-examiner's license for the certification of student examine in the name and on behalf of our school or club and the A.D.D.I. Organization. I after my application submission on the issuing of an official association-examiner's license, I receive the applied examiner's license of the chosen examiner's license type. This license package includes; registration in the martial arts passport (license), personal examiner-license certificate, examiner-license identity card and examiner-license stamp. The issued examiner's license is not transferable to third parties and is valid only for all examinations within the scope of a school, association, or club activity and only to its members. The examiner's license is valid for a period of 12 month provided that this does not become invalid on account of an untimely leave from the organization or a coarse offence against the statutes and orders of the organization In this case the licensee is informed automatically immediately.


I take note furthermore that my activity as a licensed association examiner is valid only with the corresponding and from the association provided means. This also includes an original association examiner's stamp with registration number, an examiner's license identity card, as well as the exclusive use of the original and official examination certificates of the organization which are to be received only through the office (order of materials). Own certificate productions or duplications of original organization certificates of the organization are not admitted without the written approval of the office and are therefore invalid. Deviating arrangements are only valid with a written confirmation of the presidium. A violation of this regulation and/or of a determined article in the association regulations or statutes can mean the loss of my examiner's license as well as an exclusion from the organization for lifetime for the licensee and also for the school or club. With the submission of this application for an issuing of an examiner's license I regard obligingly and without restrictions the organization statute and examination statute as well as the terms and conditions of the A.D.D.I. MARTIAL ARTS ORGANIZATION.

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