Dear prospective customer,

We are happy that you decided with your club or school for an entry into our international martial arts umbrella organization.

Your unconditionally guaranteed membership

You can become a member regardless of the associations, schools or clubs you have or have been affiliated in other associations. Your membership type is a 24 month individula membership an is renewed automatically for as long as you wish – and if you wish to cancel your membership, simply inform us. There are none of the usual waiting times and there is no notice period to be observed.

In this form you have now the possibility to register yourself as individual member for a international membership in the A.D.D.I. MARTIAL ARTS ORGANIZATION.  These from you to us transmitted data are automatically processed by our administrative system and are the basis for the issuing of the membership documents and licenses. In the following form please complete all necessary data of your person. Please fill out carefully and completely all necessary fields, so that a smooth and fast processing of your application is guaranteed.

Values & Benefits

  • Full 2nd calendar year membership for just 24 €
  • No extra admission or additional fee applies
  • Simple and fast application processing
  • Guarantedd aceptance regardless of martial arts rank and system, gender, ethnicity or age
  • No manual cancellation required after 24 Month

This includes your membership package

  • Personalised member photo ID card in gold
  • Embroidered organization badge
  • Organization logo-sticker
  • Special access to the online-shop-system for members

Application form

If you member in other associations?*


As principal applicant, I hereby apply for a fee-based annual membership without cancellation and term period in the A.D.D.I. Martial Arts Organisation. The membership fee is to be paid to the A.D.D.I Martial Arts Organisation after application or at the latest after delivery of the bill of charges for the membership and the issuing of the membership card (membership card with photograph).

I furthermore declare, that the information provided in this application form is correct and complete. By signing this application and as future member I confirm my unreserved acceptance and notice of the published statutes and regulations of the A.D.D.I. Martial Arts Organisation as a mandatory component of my future membership.

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