Basics & Principales

Successful Image through Public Relations

The Organization promotes various different projects and actions, numerous social, creative and martial arts meetings for its members through honorary cooperation and sponsoring. Apart from this support the organization is also involved in charitable pursuits such as social and youth care causes.

Pursuing goals consequently

The essential always in front of our eyes - to our goals belong comprehensive high-class guarantee, a continuous martial arts umbrella organization growth, systematic image cultivation of our community and the support of our members and partners - efforts which benefit our members.

No unsuccessful ideas

On the basis of creative impulses originate independent and real concepts which we develop and realize purposeful to the common advantage of the community and the members. In this manner we remain flexible, promote the creative impulse and increase the success of all involved.

Taking responsibility

Knowledge and conscience - towards all members, our partners and the community itself we carry consciously an irrefutable social responsibility that guides our understanding of values.

Acting resolutely

In the principle lies the strength - we stand openly to our principles, to our services and the martial arts - as well as to our members and partners.

Developing and improving constantly

Collective recipe for success - as a unity we are more than the sum of all single achievements of our members and partners. Not least thanks to these principles the organization manages worldwide since the year 2000 to remain next to its professionalism to this day reliable, fair and respectable.

Image cultivation through public relations

In different projects and actions the organization and its partners promotes through honorary cooperation or sponsorship numerous social and charitable martial arts events. Beside the support of charitable purposes the organization is also particularly active in the youth welfare.