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The A.D.D.I. MARTIAL ARTS ORGANIZATION is a global, non-profit umbrella martial arts association established with the aim of serving and supporting martial arts schools, martial arts clubs and individual martial artist within the context of international martial arts and combat sports. The satisfaction of the member schools, clubs and individual members it serves is at the core of all of the organization’s complex functions and endeavours.

The A.D.D.I. M.A.O. was founded in the USA in 2000 and subsequently introduced in Europe in 2001. Its European headquarters are located in the Bavarian capital of Munich, in southern Germany. Its extensive network of experts, materials and capabilities mean that the organisation is perfectly equipped to serve and support both non-profit associations and commercial schools and clubs to the highest standard on the basis of their individual needs.

The A.D.D.I. is currently serving several thousand associations, sports schools and clubs all over the world.

In order to be able to fulfil these numerous, extensive and sometimes highly varied tasks and requirements in a manner that reflects the needs of all of the associations, schools and clubs under its auspices, the organisation has developed close collaborations with specially selected partners from the international martial arts sector. In working with these partners, however, the organisation remains fully independent and distinct. This means that every association, school and club that joins the A.D.D.I., regardless of their background or style, can be guaranteed the best and most reliable service and support. The services we offer our members are constantly being expanded and are not available from any other organisation the world over.

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